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Problems - Pump

From: Esteban
Date: 31 Dec 1999
Time: 11:03:14
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I have bad news...then good news...then bad news...then good news...then bad news... Then I arrived up here, the water was pouring out of the disengaged well pipe; this had not been a problem when I arrived - there was no water coming out of it at the time, and seeing that I had insufficient tools to complete the operation, I shrugged and left is as 'goodenough'. Went to the hardware store and got a sizable monkey rench and removed the necessary pipe so that I could screw in the stopper. Unfortunately, in the process of removal, the corroded pipe came away at the spindle. Fortunately, the stopper could be - with the help of a duct tape wrapping - pounded into the pipe. It will most certainly hold for the winter, but in the spring, we'll need a visit from Uncle Sorensen before we can get the pump back into operation.

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