Ivanhoe Supermarket; March 25th 9:15 pm Laurenn and I were driving up Woodward when suddenly before us stood an illuminated pillar of smoke. I followed it down to it's source - flashing lights and a solitary fire truck.
The Ivanhoe Supermarket was ablaze....

A sad day indeed! My friend Lowell Boileau informs me that it was build more than Sixty years ago, this was an Albert Kahn building; it was the first supermarket in Michigan and in its heyday it sported black glass and stainless steel, making all the more of a pity that this building should burn down. Right down from the street from us, the Ivanhoe had provided us with groceries for as long as I've lived in Highland Park. Goodbye Ivanhoe....I'm gonna miss ya!

Pictures by Laurenn Rowland