The Detroit Institute of Arts Presents:

Interventions/Georg Vihos

GEORG VIHOS, born 1937
egg tempera, graphite, collage

Vihos has exhibited his drawing next to Giacometti's work as a tribute to the sculptor's influence on his own artistic thought.

The drawing, with its long narrow format echoes the elongated form of Giacometti's work. It also captures what Vihos identifies as "the fragile vulnerability of the human condition" expressed in the sculpture.

Because of its large scale Giacometti's figure seems to stand uneasily in its space, adding an element of poignancy to the work. Vihos captures a similar sense of human vulnerability in his work by reversing the scale of the sculpture. His small figures seem to reside uncomfortably in their space, both dwarfed and confined by the format of the work.

Like Giacometti, Vihos creates expressive surfaces that draw our attention to their texture and to the physical qualities of the materials he uses.

The natural touch of drawing instruments in
my hand serves to define the spirit and heart
of the matter.

Georg Vihos


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