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I realize that the span of two years can be confusing, and I intend to eventually separate out the two years, 1969 and 1970. Why are there two years? Because I was too young to go for a Dip.AD the first time, so I have pictures spanning both. 
Here is an evolving list of people who have gotten in touch; if they have a website, it is clickable through their name.
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(Some links go to their images so you can see who they are)

  • Shaneez Ali
  • Ellen Arnold
  • Raphael Bailey
  • Barry Bliss
  • Carolyn Cannon
  • Les Chapman
  • Phil Cole
  • Pete Conlan 
  • Linda Criss
  • Lyn Conetta 
  • Suzette D'Souza
  • Hilary Foote
  • Bob Hall
  • Paul Higgs
  • Christina Jeronymides 
  • Rick Lee
  • Kathy Magill
  • Marek Minecki
  • Pete Moloney 
  • Sue Mostkowska - blonde
  • Sarah Warner
  • Elaine Wilson 
  • Verdi Yahooda



  • Gordon Lawrence - ran the print shop in Wakefield Road
  • Keith Walker
  • Eric Brown
  • Ed Herring