Hull Regional College of Art 
1971-74, Pictures - Dot's Caf

Remember Dot's Caf? When you became hungry from a four hour session listening to Harold Hurrell and his conceptualist sycophants,  you could cross the street from the Craven Street annex and tank up on calories. 
I distinctly remember one day in particular at Dot's Caf. Dot's helper came shuffling in from the kitchen in her slippers holding a dead mouse triumphantly by the tail. "Eee! Look here what I've found!" MmmmMmmm! Delicious!

John Gray sends this photo. He says,
"That picture of dots cafe on your web site, is obtuse , I have enclosed as an attachment an original photographic representation of the actual interior of the said premises with me in the process of ordering a exceedingly greasy sausage sandwich. Remember the old boy who always sat in the corner , he is looking at me and saying why don't you get a haircut.  The guy in the left foreground  is Donald*  Orr , I think he was the token Scotsman in the year above us . Look at that gang of ordinarily becapped Hullites on the right hand side of the picture one guy is being sick into his mug over the immigration of all those long haired gits that have taken over his cafe. And the others are just about to mug me for the fourpence  that might be left in my pocket after Dot has levied her terrible toll for that sausage sandwich."

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