Layabouts - Fourth Street 1999

Once again, 4th Street is threatened by the wrecking crane. It's happened before; Burroughs - a company no longer on the landscape - tried to expand its burgeoning enterprise by gobbling up surrounding land back in the 80's.
Like the vicious version of Sesame Street that it is, 4th street survived - indeed thrived in the face of this adversity. After two years of hitting a brick wall Burroughs gave up and shortly thereafter seized to exist.
Now it's the Highway Commission that wants to build a bigger, better, newer, smarter entrance/exit ramp for the 10/I-94 Interstate at the expense of the street. Consequently, this annual 4th Street Fair was not only about entertainment and a good time, but also a drive to fill the war chest for the upcoming battles.
I hope the street survives; I've got a lot of happy memories associated with this street, and I don't want to see it go.
We started performing 'round 8:00PM, and played for an hour. This was the debut of "Pacha Mama", written by Mel Rosas. People seemed to like it a lot.

Jody singing "Mountains of Things"

Layabouts - 4th Street, July 17th, 1999


Song list

Drum intro

Monkey doo

Thin Ice

I'm Tired




Mountains of things

And so it goes

Damn this town

No heat

Major Wonder



Photos by Laurenn Rowland

Stephen Goodfellow

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