Alvin's - 05/01/99

We played one long set; exhausting, but a hell of a lot of fun. People were a-dancin'!
I looked back during the drum solos and was blown away by Mel & Roberto's virtuoso performance. Man! They kicked up dust! Some folk felt that the absence of a break didn't give people the time to converse, as people who come to Layabout gigs are prone to do.
Other folks told me that Jody (on keyboard) was too buried; it was hard to see who was singing. Perhaps we should use lights. High praise for Peggy and Sylvia (singers) according to several members of the audience, they really sounded great.
It really feels good so sing songs about smashing the state. We live such tame, 'civilized' lives that the day to day existence can almost drive you crazy. Singing about what you'd like to do, and how you would like the World to be, is like a salve on a heat rash.
Several Layabout members commented on the fact that a subtle shift has occurred in the psyche of the band; we appear to be more relaxed with a greater degree of assuredness. We're prone to take more chances, kick back more, let ourselves be attuned to the surrounding atmosphere.
An atmosphere that contained a tad more smoke than is to my liking. My throat felt raw from breathing second hand smoke towards the end of the last half of the set. Folks, if ya gotta smoke, smoke something illegal.
Special thanks to the Immigrant Suns for playing with us - they were great! Also thanks to Dean Western who did the mix. Everybody had nothing but great things to say about the sound. Dean, you're the best!
Laurenn Rowland snapped some pictures of the event. Scoot down the browser and check them out.

Check out the Urbane Gorilla's poster:

The band on stage

Sylvia - in front...and Jody

Alan Franklin - shining like a national guitar...

Djeto of the Immigrant Suns

Mel Rosas breaks down his kit at the practice space.

Peggy King on stage

Roberto jammin'

Mel (left) and Roberto outside Alvin's

Pictures by Laurenn Rowland

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