Cass Cafe - 10/17/98

What's there to say? The performance at the Cass Cafe on October 17th 1998 was great fun. It is quite probable that there has never been a better sound system in the cafe, thanks to Chris Taylor, sound technician extraordinare, who gave unstinting of his time and purse. The Cass cafe is not known for it's great acoustics, yet Chris managed to pull it out of the hat. Everyone said they could hear the band clearly. Thanks Chris!
This was our second performance since we got back together, and I find it was really an unstressful situation, as probably 60% of the people were friends of the band members.
It was also good to see Kerry Gluckman with us up on stage - he accompanied the drum section on a couple of songs, adding his personal style to "Cadillac" and "Mountains of things".
However enjoyable it is to see the 'Old Guard' Layabout fans, it was really wonderful to see that the front of the stage was commandeered by sapiens under thirty who body slammed themselves into a dance frenzy. Perhaps we're not a bunch of old farts yet!

Ralph's base, Suni. Scott Craig returns from bathroom.

Stephen strikes a pose of rightious indignation...
Jody on keyboard. Ralph & Mel in background...

The band. We play, they dance...

Stephen strikes a pose of rightious indignation...again.

Percussion section Mel on drums, Suni on congas.

Pictures by Laurenn Rowland

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