In Studio, March 5-6th, 2000
Layabouts and friends @ Studio A
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Seventeen years! That's how long it had been since the Layabouts had last put out a recording
It was therefore with considerable excitement that, on a sunny weekend in March, we buried ourselves at Studio A to record an ambitious eight songs:

Damn this town
Better way
And so it goes
Work to be Done
Face of humanity
Don't talk

I look around at the various Layabout members slouching in different parts of the studio. Seventeen years, and most of the founding members are still in the band. I find it incredible that such a group of cantankerous malcontents can stick together for so long. Peggy laughs. She says, "Well - you're just all so funny!"
Perhaps it is the love of a good laugh that moves the band along.
Then there's Robert Handley, an old friend who flew in from Florida on his own ticket for "the opportunity to renew friendships, experience aesthetic orgasms and give support to the production important music/concepts."
Ish drops by - just because he's in the neighborhood, of course - he shakes his head. "Managing bands was such a nightmare." He used to do that for a living; but has long since moved on - he wouldn't dream of managing the Layabouts, of course.
Step into the resting area of Studio A and you can see why I'm still with the band. Say what you will about a bunch of social malcontents, they sure know how to eat! Each band member has brought way too much really excellent food.

As the recordings progress through the weekend, I'm warmed by the camaraderie that has glued the band together. Despite moments of tension brought about by too little space and continual retakes, the underlying theme of this session is very much one of  euphoric enjoyment.
Todd Fairall, the engineer was persistent and professional, taking us over some pretty heavy bumps. Dylan Koski-Budabin, assistant engineer was always there when he was needed and showed marked enthusiasm when ensconced in the captain's chair, illuminated by the computer screen, tweaking our recordings using ProTools.
...And that's another thing. Last time we recorded a record, studio technology was analog and the equipment was specialized and financially beyond anything we could ever dream affording. Now it's digital. Bob Handley muses about the future - the price of the technology is falling, we've got the knowledge - why don't the Layabouts set up their own studio next time? I concur.

Now it's on to the mixing at Sound54. Then we've got to find the money to put out the CD. We've already recorded:

Monkey Doo
No heat
Donna Lewis with the additional eight new ones, we should have enough for a CD. I'm crossing my fingers.

What follows here are a few pictures taken during the recording session:

Mel ( On drums) - Alan in foreground Alan and Mel laying down a bed track...
Jody, Sylvia & Peggy seem to have formed a literary circle... L-R; Jody, Sylvia, Peggy
Jody, Peggy Jody and Peggy get ready to sing...
Pooch (Robert Handley) smoothes the way for us. (What would we have done without him!)

In back: Robert Handley, Todd Fairall. In front: Ralph Franklin Pooch and Todd wrestle with the tech stuff while Ralph kicks back...
Peggy and Roberto lay down a track... Peggy King, Roberto Warren
Ralph Franklin Ralph's euphoric glaze, brought about by a long, long day of recording...
A hurried conference is instigated in the background, while Roberto, Peggy and Mel take five... Roberto Warren, Peggy King, Mel Rosas
Peggy King Peggy lays down a track.
Jody lays down a recording on the studio piano. Jody Carlson
Ralph Franklin, Stephen Goodfellow Ralph & Stephen waiting to sing.

Alan Franklin
Alan sings...

Back: Bob Handley, Todd Fairall
Pooch - a veritable Captain Kirk - stands watching the action from the bridge...

Dylan waits pensively on his damage control station Dylan Koski-Budabin
Ralph Franklin, Mell Rosas Ralph and Mel, taking a break
Alan...waiting... Alan Franklin
Roberto Warren, Peggy King, Mel Rosas Blur caused by the three of 'em helping Alan keep the rhythm on "Rant"


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