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MP3 - "Seven Minutes", "No Masters" 1984 - LP to CD recording

Seven Minutes

As I came home from work today
the sirens cried an unusual song
my neighbor poked his head through the door
and told me to turn my TV on

Do as instructed, please remain calm
you must not panic, this is not a test
draw your shutters, crawl under the table
prepare your anti-nuclear nest

It doesn't really matter what you do
you can do anything that you want
Seven minutes until impact
we patiently wait for the bomb

Now it's time to crawl into your shelter
if you are the owner of one
Or grab a few beers and run up to the roof top
and catch a glimpse of the nuclear sun
Stand paralyzed in hysterical fear
or run and scream around in fits
Or take your loved ones out for a drive
collect yourself before you're blown to bits

It doesn't really matter what you do...

Perhaps you'll run over to your book shelf
for some words of wisdom that will keep you calm
stuff tranquilizers into your pocket
a Giger counter under your arm
then take a final walk to the river
and think of something clever to say
if it's night time where you happen to be
why not stand up and greet the nuclear day

It doesn't really matter what you do...

Lyrics by Stephen Goodfellow 1984

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