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The Master's Song, 2012

Dedicated to George Carlin, "Why you are in debt"  


Now every leader worth his salt knows to keep you on the run
for in doing so you’ll never know what you are running from
And every Master worth his salt knows the measure of his slave
There’s a time for using kindness and a time to use the stave

And there’s preschool for the babies so the slaves can go to work
You know it’s here the kids are conditioned to stand in line
Then we send them off to school where they’ll learn the golden rule
That the master will require - the lions share of their time!

Well it’s plain to anybody who has sense enough to see
that the chains that I have bound you with are the chains that you call freedom
And I never seize to be amazed with the ease I feed you lies
When you’ve cleaned your plate it’ll be too late and you’ll never realize

that it’s off to university to prepare you for your life
And we force you how to learn - but not to think...
When it’s done the bitter cup of life will be placed before your eyes
It’s a point of pride - you’ve become so blind - that you don’t know not to drink

There are people who will follow masters they have chose to lead
There are reasons that can justify the need for poverty
Like a moth into a candle flame you will burn your wings on the Masters game
As you seek to please the ruler on your leash you only strain

And the Earth does spin, asteroids fall in,
volcanoes will explode they will do us all in,
and we can’t see ‘cause our hard-wired brains,
will send us to the mullah or to pray with the saints
So we chase our tails and we play our silly games
the bit in the mouth, master pulling on the rains
The master drinks wine, the slaves tow the line,
and we all go to hell in our own good time.

Lyrics by Stephen Goodfellow 2012

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