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Overture to a Revolution

Dedicated to Mohamed Bouazizi

Well I am just an average Joe and I don’t need much coddling
I've kept my nose clean I’ve done my part and I’ve stayed within the law
And the folks who know me well enough know I’m not much for dawdling
But what they’ve given me for my sweat well I ain't working anymore
See a working man must have a fighting chance to see a future
that his children’s lives be better for these chains I chose to wear
but all I see is this machine and the rich are getting richer
and the kids for which I’ve worked so hard will never get their share

Now I don’t exactly know how I was foxed out of my wages
Or for all the tea in China how those bankers got my share
For all I know this system has been bagging me for ages
And there ain’t no one to turn to who can help me or who cares
Well the only folks who seem to thrive take cash under the table
that if you play it straight - you'll only get hung out to dry
The sad truth is they’ve tried to hide - that this system is a fable
I’m sold a bill of goods - this fairytale is just a lie.

I watch the news I shake my head look at all those buildings burnin’
And the anchor man is hoisted up as the fire-ship-of-state sets sail
I know I’m just a simple man, but even I am learning
That if the captain won’t abandon ship you better make it for the rail
Now my children on the streets are down there putting up resistance
Tho’, I’m old and tired I’ll join their revolution on the rise
And in the dying embers of this counter-evolution
we’re done with this consumer god, and we leave it all behind
we’ll turn about and inside-out and use our hearts and minds
What takes its place? “Well, I don’t know - something better!”
And - I’ll - find out in time

Lyrics by Stephen Goodfellow 2012

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