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Are you happy?

Do you wake each morning with a smile upon your face
Does your heart fill up with gladness for the whole great human race
And do you whistle while you're working at the work you love to do
Do you wet your whistle merrily when the working day is through

Does each face you meet upon the street greet you with a grin
And laugh and joke good-naturedly about the shape you're in
Do all the children love you and the policeman on his beat
Does he walk his beat delightedly on prancing little feet
Does the sun shine on the two of you and make your life complete

Are you happy?

Do you have the things you want in life, has comfort come your way
Do you say a little prayer of thanks at the closing of each day
When you turn the TV on and settle for the night
Does it feel like God's in heaven and that everything's alright
Are your worldly woes out of mind while they are out of sight

Are you happy?
Are you happy?
Are you happy?
Are you happy?

Do you pass the time without regret for things you might have done
Will you view the passing of your life like the setting of the sun
If you were to die tomorrow would your death be free of strife
Do you think they'd say in later years he'd had a fruitful life
Does the thought perhaps they might not sometimes cut you like a knife

Are you happy?
You should be happy
You must be happy
Why aren't you happy?

Lyrics by Alan Franklin 1981

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