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Goodfellow remix


It's a Cadillac
A Coolaid cardiac
a Big Mac heart attack
yeah, Cadillac

Second World hassle always brings me down
Break your back!
Punching in a clock at the heart of a town
Everybody's gunning for a piece of your pie
Nobody is taking any more of your lies

First World car that'll make you drive
Third World woman taken for a ride
The cracks in the wall they try to patch with the law
but when it starts to crumble we will even the score

It's a Cadillac...

The boys at the top are gonna steal you blind
on the rack
Nothing you can do is gonna change their mind
They cut through compassion with the point of a knife
They're taking everything that gives a meaning to life
Bullet proof glass against the likes of you
Get 'em back
You might be the one exception too the rule
You stumble in the darkness 'cause they're stealing your light
You won't stand a chance if you don't stand and fight

They'll come and take you in a Cadillac
A Coolaid cardiac
a Big Mac heart attack
yeah, Cadillac, Cadillac, Cadillac, Cadillac,
A big black Cadillac!

Lyrics by Stephen Goodfellow 1984

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