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MP3 - Live version "Damn this Town"at Magic Bag Jan 19th, 2001

MP3 "Damn This Town" - Workers of the World Relax CD  -
Goodfellow remix

Damn this Town

Sucked up like a fetus with a bottle in my belly
Holding onto dear life as my guts turn into jelly
Trying real hard not to wake up from my snooze
Desperately holding down the bulk of last night's booze

My hosts are making coffee while my eyes get used to light
Nauseous from lying in my own vomit all night
wishing they would GO AWAY and leave me lying here
Desperately sucking down the last few dregs of beer


Make it to my sister's place where I can get to crash
Wait 'til she  goes shopping then smoking up her stash
Rummage through her boyfriends stuff and stealing all his cash
Make it down to Skippers place and hang out with the trash


Used to be a lawyer for the big heals on Manhattan
Played cards with Ricko and the Mayor and the Latin
Bought the girls around that place - I like them high-healed shoes
Shot craps with the Teamsters when they had nothing to lose

Sharky the old pool freak hits the ball and strikes a light
Tells me of a party he's invited to tonight
Polishing my faded shoes and turn my collar down
Wondering just what it was that made me stick around




Lyrics by Stephen Goodfellow 1986

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