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Don't give it up

Billy wanna play on a guitar
Put a better face on the world
Get a little music together
Maybe have a boy or a girl
Billy has to pay for his troubles
Buy an old car, pay the rent
Gotta keep an eye on the money
More than you make then it's spent

Terry wanna good education
Working hard to pay for her school
She don't find much stimulation
Cramming all this stuff ain't too cool
Terry takes a look in the mirror
Take a look inside of her soul
Feel the heavy weight on her shoulders
Doesn't wanna do what she's told

I say Terry don't you look behind you at the road that winds away
Take another look at that horizon, can't you see that it's the light of day

Don't give it up!

Milton gonna climb up a mountain
Wanna see the world turn around
Make a better life for his children
Sail upon an ocean of sound
Milton working hard for his money
Spend it so his family can eat
Never any time to make music
Drag yourself from work, fall asleep

Take a look behind you Milton at the mountains you have scaled
There's a boat awaiting in your harbor for the oceans you shall sail

Don't give it up!

Peter has a vision of heaven
Give some help to his fellow man
Driven by a strong sense of duty
Tryin' to do the best that he can
Peter has to carry a mortgage
Taking all his cash to the bank
Working at a radio station
Serial number, name and rank

I say Peter take a look around you at the good works you have done
And your friends you know who really love you and the battles you have won

Don't give it up!

Lyrics by Stephen Goodfellow 1987

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