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Freddy sold a car that had put him in debt but
He bought another 'cause he wanna go faster
Sally flags him down and he breaks into sweat 'cause
She want a ride an' he wanna drive past her

Freddy bought a PC an' he kept if for a year but
The new one's out an' it does the job faster
Sally had a blender but she chucked it away 'cause
The latest model that she bought can make pasta

Oh, yeah - and it does the job faster
Oh, yeah - and she wants to make pasta

Freddy said to Johnny let me buy you a drink boy
You got promotion an' I guess you're my master
Johnny says to Freddy as a matter of fact son
It's on condition that I make you work faster

Oh, yeah - and I guess you're my master
Oh, no - an' I gotta work faster

Einstein informs us that time is a lie
Acceleration is really a high
Gravity slows you and holds you in place
It's the inertia that you must now face

Oh, yeah - but you wanna go faster
Oh, no - and you wanna go faster

Freddy said to Sally, "Do you wanna have kids yet?"
She said "Yes" Now he's sorry he asked her
Johnny quit his job an' he had to slow down 'cause
His heart's a mess an' the doctor says he has to

Oh yeah - now he's sorry he asked her
Oh, no - an' his heart won't go faster
Oh, yeah - An' we wanna go faster
Oh, no - we're not gonna go faster

Lyrics by Stephen Goodfellow 1989

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