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New Imposing Product

She glanced in from the kitchen
She was washing up the meal
He stared into the TV, they were making a big deal
About some friction in the world that seemed too far from home
A new imposing product that was better than cologne

She came into the room and put his hands upon his shoulder
He dialled up on the heat because the room was getting colder
A nuclear reactor that had been shut down in Main
A new imposing product you could flush on down the drain

He stared into the floor because the nausia was chilling
The pain inside his stomach it was growin' it was killing
A new imposing product that flashed upon the screen
Told you where you could go if you had been upon the sceene

She slumped down to the floor and he fell down by her side
The man upon the TV, he told them when they would die
A last imposing product went across their failing vision
"Before you die," The announcer said, "Turn off your television!"

Lyrics by Stephen Goodfellow 1981

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