First ever Layabout performance - 1982 Click on individuals for Image and info...
(Left to right) - Ralph Koziarski (Sax), Alan Franklin  (Lead guitar, vocals),  Mel Rosas (Drums),
Ralph Franklin, (Base),  Stephen Goodfellow  (on guitar, vocals).

We were absolutely scared shitless. This was our first performance and our sound was really rough. Wanting to have as much control as possible so that we might pull it off, we talked Mel into letting us perform in his very cool studio on Bagley, downtown Detroit. 
At the time I was playing rhythm guitar, and since I'm one of those people who can't walk down the street and chew gum at the same time, I continually fucked up. Shortly thereafter, the band members disarmed me, taking away my guitar and really pissing me off, but I soon discovered that being free to concentrate on the theater of singing and connecting with the audience.
Our friends were kind. They said the music was...interesting, although the singer in the sweat soaked shirt screamed too much.
Ralph Koziarski (On far left) has wailed sax with us from time to time, offering us a unique sound.

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