The widening Income Gap

Here is a diagram illustrating the ever widening gap between rich and everyone else in the USA. 

Just how rich are the rich?

"...the cracks in the wall they try to patch with the Law, but when it starts to crumble we will even the score..." - Cadillac

Take a look at this diagram of musical chairs . We are seeing the beginning of the end of which we have called contemporary society:

  • Temporary contract jobs with little or no job security. Increasing numbers of people in the lower income bracket sliding into debt and poverty.

  • Political disenfranchisement of the major part of the populous.

  • The erosion of unions.

  • Our institutions (Libraries, roads, parks etc.)  are being disassembled through intent or neglect.

  • Racial intolerance motivated by financial insecurity is on the increase.

In a nation where the stock market is going bonkers the government is talking about pushing back the national debt, during a time when there should be plenty for everybody, we find that this is not the case at all. Something is wrong and we sure can't expect the people with the money to come to our aid.
The corporations are king. The world economy allows them to go seeking the lowest labor costs; sovereign governments seem utterly unable to stop this even though it heralds their own demise. It seems to me that the only reasonable explanation for this is that the wealthy have essentially become the government.

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