Anarchists in Ferndale

Alan - feedback
Base-drum intro - break -
4 beats

I just don't know what to do
Gotta change your point of view
-when you're not sure
SETI has it's revelations there's no Super Civilizations
4 beats

Where you live, are you survivin'?
Check your email, who's arrivin' ?
Being Black while you were drivin'
Pull you over, policeman smilin'
break - 8 beats

-Anarchists in Ferndale - 4 times

Inner-city left behind
Sometimes you gotta change your mind
Roaches scurry 'cross the floor
Gotta march against the war
break - 4 beats

The World's ablaze and it's a pity
Better live outside the city
Better get while getting's good
Get you butt out of the hood
break - 8 beats

-Anarchists in Ferndale- - 4 times

Used to be a time that we called the city our own
not so long ago
Now I stare out the window and I feel so alone
Where did it go?

-Anarchists in Ferndale- 4 times

Verse - quiet

It don't matter anyway
Nature's gonna have it's way
That's for sure
Strong - SUV's and Rocket ships
Masters of our own eclipse
break - 8 beats

-Anarchists in Ferndale - 4 times

Used to be a time we would hang around and party all night
or go take in a show
Now I sit at home you know it makes me wanna break down and cry

-Anarchists in Ferndale- 4 times - Drumcrush, Band drop
-Anarchists in Ferndale- 4 times - Drumcrush Band
-Anarchists in Ferndale- 1 time
(Anarchicts in Hazel Park)
Uh-uh-shoo-wa-wa!- 7 times