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Laurenn L. Rowland                                                                                Curriculum Vitae                     




Counseling Services
Wayne State University
5221 Gullen Mall, Suite 552
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 577-

 e-mail:  laurenn.rowland@wayne.edu

Born:   August 30, 1965  (Fort Meade, MD).


Primary Interests


Clinical, health, and community psychology; the impact of behavior on health status; underserved populations; cognitive-behavioral preventive and therapeutic interventions; program evaluation.




1995            Ph.D. in clinical psychology

Wayne State University - APA-accredited program


 1992       M.A. in clinical psychology

                  Wayne State University - APA-accredited program


 1987       B.A. in psychology

                  B.A. in Spanish

                  Cornell University




  9/93-present    Project Director, Research Group on Homelessness

               and Poverty, Department of Psychology, Wayne State

               University, Detroit, Michigan.  Overseeing

               ongoing NIMH-funded, two-site research on large

               representative samples of homeless adults; forming

               and maintaining collaborative relationships with

               facilities serving the homeless; training research

               staff; gathering data through extensive structured

               interviews; updating longitudinal data sets and

               conducting data analyses; leading weekly team

               meetings; assisting in writing grant proposals.


7/94-6/95     Research Assistant, Department of Psychology,

               Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

               Gathering data through structured interviews and

               observation of treadmill stress tests for research

               funded by American Heart Association on cardiac

               symptoms and psychological status.


 8/92-8/93     Predoctoral Intern, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit,

               Michigan.  Completing bed-side assessments and

               providing short-term psychotherapy to medical

               patients, participating in multi-disciplinary

               teams for heart and liver transplantation, and

               attending didactic seminars during an eight-month

               rotation in Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry;

               completing psychiatric evaluations, mental status

               exams, and psychological and personality profiles

               for psychiatric inpatients, coordinating multi-

               disciplinary treatment and discharge plans, and

               evaluating patients' improvement during a four-

               month rotation in Inpatient Psychiatry; providing

               short-term outpatient psychotherapy for a limited

               case load through Ambulatory Psychiatry throughout

               the internship year. (APA-accredited internship).


9/91-8/92      Psychology Intern, Harper Hospital, Detroit,

               Michigan.  Conducting psychological assessments,

               participating in multi-disciplinary treatment

               teams, and providing psychotherapy to recipients

               of bone marrow transplantations and chronic pain

               patients during consecutive six-month rotations

               in Behavioral Medicine Services and The Gertrude

               Levin Pain Clinic (24 hours per week).


9/90-8/91      Psychology Intern, Detroit Receiving Hospital and

               University Health Center, Detroit, Michigan. 

               Completing psychological assessments of ambulatory

               psychiatry patients and neuropsychological

               evaluations of victims of traumatic brain injury;

               providing outpatient psychotherapy; participating

               in treatment team meetings and didactic seminars.

               (24 hours per week).


9/89-8/90      Research Assistant, Children's Hospital of

               Michigan, Detroit, Michigan.  Conducting

               neuropsychological monitoring component of nation-

               wide, multi-center Growth and Development Study

               of hemophiliac boys with HIV infection; completing

               neuropsychological assessments of inpatient and

               outpatient victims of head injury; participating

               in multi-disciplinary treatment team meetings. (20

               hours per week).


6/89-8/89      Full-time Summer Intern, Children's Hospital of

               Michigan, Detroit, Michigan.  Performing

               psychological evaluations of children referred to

               Attention Deficit Disorder Clinic or to outpatient

               Psychiatry/Psychology; attending didactic



6/88-5/89      Research Assistant, Center for Alcohol Studies,

               Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. 

               Participating in data collection and carrying out

               statistical analyses for longitudinal research

               design focusing on the expectancies adolescents

               hold toward alcohol consumption. (20 hours per



5/88-8/88      Teaching Assistant, Wayne State University,

               Detroit, Michigan.  Teaching laboratory section of

               Theories of Learning, which included instructing

               students in hands-on operant conditioning of

               laboratory rats.


9/86-5/87      Research Assistant, Eleanor J. Gibson Lab of

               Developmental Psychology, Cornell University,

               Ithaca, New York.  Recruiting and running subjects

               for two experimental conditions investigating

               infants' auditory perceptions and toddlers' visual

               processing while walking. (12 hours per week).


9/86-5/87      Fieldwork Student, Homes, Inc., Ithaca, New York.

               Participating in social reintegration program for

               clients who were consumers of inpatient mental

               health services by forming a relationship with

               one client and providing help with daily living

               skills. (10 hours per week).


6/84-8/84      Bunk Counselor, Ramapo Anchorage Camp, Rhinebeck,

6/83-8/83      New York.  Supervising emotionally disturbed

6/82-8/82      children through their daily recreational and

               therapeutic activities in the setting of a sleep-

               away summer camp.


Conference Presentations 


Rowland, L. L., & Toro, P. A. (November, 1994).  Predicting longitudinal health outcomes in a probability sample of homeless adults.  Annual Meeting, American Public Health Association, Washington, D.C.


Lozowski, S., Rowland, L. L., & Toro, P. A. (November, 1994).  Self-reported health among a probability sample of homeless adults.  Annual Meeting, American Public Health Association, Washington, D.C.


Conference Presentations,  continued 


Rowland, L. L., & Toro, P. A. (August, 1996).  Predicting health outcomes among the homeless: an 18-month longitudinal study.  Annual Convention, American Psychological Association, Toronto, Canada.


Toro, P. A., Rowland, L. L., Goldstein, M., & Wolfe, S. M. (May, 1997).  Understanding the course of homelessness:  A prospective analysis based on a probability sample of adults.  Biennial Conference on Community Research & Action, Columbia, SC.


Lumley, M., Rowland, L., Torosian, T., Bank, A., Ketterer, M., & Pickard, S. (March, 1998).  Silent myocardial ischemia is associated with decreased health care utilization.  Presented at the meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society, Clearwater Beach, FL.  Abstract published in Psychosomatic Medicine, 60, 107.


Rowland, L.L., Luo, Q., Urberg, K.A., & Toro, P.A. (March, 2000).  Family problems, homelessness, and other stressful events as predictors of adolescent depression.  In J. Ginzler( chair), Understanding the mental health issues that occur in conjunction with youth homelessness.  Biennial Convention, Society for Research on Adolescence, Chicago, IL.


Lombardo, S., Rowland, L. L., Goldstein, M., & Haber, M. (March, 2000).  Predictors of high-risk sexual behaviors among adolescents.  Biennial Convention, Society for Research on Adolescence, Chicago, IL.


Bekheet, M., Toro, P.A., Rowland, L.L. (Novemer, 2000). A comparison of views between homeless people and key informants on the homeless population's needs.  Convention of the Minorities Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program, Washington, D.C.




Lumley, M. A., Torosian, T., Rowland, L. L., Ketterer, M. W., & Pickard, S. D. (1997).  Correlates of Unrecognized Acute Myocardial Infarction Detected Via Perfusion Imaging.  American Journal of Cardiology, 79, 1170-1173.


Toro, P. A., Wolfe, S. M., Bellavia, C. W., Thomas, D. M., Rowland, L. L., Daeschler, C. V., & McCaskill, P. A. (1999).  Obtaining Representative Samples of Homelessness:  A Two-City Study.  Journal of Community Psychology, 27, 189-198.


Toro, P. A., Goldstein, M. S., Rowland, L. L., Bellavia, C. W., Wolfe, S. M., Thomas, D. M., & Acosta, O. (1999).  Severe mental illness among homeless adults and its association with longitudinal outcomes.  Behavior Therapy, 30, 431-452.


Lumley, M. A., Rowland, L., Torosian, T., Bank, A., Ketterer, M. W., & Pickard, S. D.  (2000).  Decreased health care use among patients with silent myocardial ischemia: Support for a generalized rather than cardiac-specific silence.  Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 48, 479-484.


Professional Affiliations       


  American Psychological Association



  American Public Health Association



Additional Skills 


  Fluency in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish.




            Provided upon request