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Constantine Leshan claims that I pirated his "idea" for
"Can Gravity be induced?"
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"Inventor & Wife" Micropointillism on canvas 3 x 5ft  by Stephen Goodfellow, painted 1983.  See paper in lower right hand side of painting. The writing is an abstract of "Can Gravity be Induced" It is quite discernable. Also, note the Sun diagram with a segment of the photosphere removed showing the interior absolute vacuum...more

Update: The moderators of the science forums have reinstated my paper.



My email box pops up with its usual Google watch words, "Absolute vacuum" being one of them.
To my utter amazement, I find myself accused of having stolen and pirated the work of Constantine Leshan, someone I have never heard of before, nor have I heard of his work. This is what he writes in order to have my information removed from a scientific forum:

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26/09/2009 10:03:46
Stephen Goodfellow’s post about Non-space/absolute vacuum sphere that induces gravity is a plagiarism and piracy. He repeats the statements of my hole gravitation theory published in 1994 at ICPS physics conference. This theory was supported by Soros Foundation in 1995. There is description of my theory in Teleportation Physics Study by US Air Force. I have a lot of proofs that Stephen Goodfellow’s post is a piracy. I ask the administrator to delete Stephen Goodfellow’s post about Non-space/absolute vacuum because it is a piracy. It is a third attempt to steal my theory already. I registered hole (absolute) vacuum and gravitation theory in Russian Authors Society in 1994 and I have author’s rights for this theory. It is a very large theory, I published about 15 papers in different journals and conferences. Whereas Stephen Goodfellow repeats only some my words about absolute vacuum. He is not able to develop this theory; he is not the physicist in general.

My theory about absolute vacuum is very attractive for pirates because it allows teleportation and time travel. It is very easy to become a piracy author of theory. First the pirate selects an interesting paper and republishes the main idea. Then pirate ‘builds’ some false proofs that he is the “author”. I ask the entire world to protect my theory from pirates.

Some links to absolute vacuum and gravitation theory:

And on my YouTube page:

Click for full image

Stephen Goodfellows post about Non-Space (absolute vacuum) with no time properties and gravitation is a plagiarism and piracy; I ask the administrator to delete it. He replaced the name 'vacuum holes' by Non-space in order to steal my ideas about absolute vacuum. He repeats the statements of my hole gravitation theory that was supported by Soros foundation in 1995. Constantin Leshan


Hmm, Interesting. Sorry you feel that way. Please read my paper from 1979, "Can Gravity be induced?" I am cognizant that fundamental ideas seem to appear when the time is right and often several people think of them at the same time. Newton and Leibniz feuded about which one invented calculus, for example. I urge you not to shoot from the hip when you find someone who has an idea that agrees with your own. There's room for everyone.





My response to Mr. Leshan's s accusation:

I am sorry C. Leshan feels that way. Before he casts aspersions, perhaps he ought to do some research first. My paper, written in 1979 "Can Gravity be induced?"
This paper can be found in many locations throughout the web and precedes Mr. Leshan's paper by sixteen years. I am cognizant that fundamental ideas seem to appear when the time is right and often several people realize them in the same time-frame. Newton and Leibniz feuded about which one invented calculus, for example. I urge C. Leshan not to shoot from the hip and accuse individuals of plagiarism just because he finds someone who has an idea that agrees with his own, especially when he publishes the concept sixteen years after the accused author.

Mr. Leshan's accusations are true insofar as he points out that I do not have a professional training. Indeed, I am an unrepentant layman of the natural sciences - and proud of it.
It is therefore not surprising that a scientifically trained young man who has a bright idea and writes a paper, then frustratedly discovers someone else in the field - without a scientific degree at that - who is espousing similar ideas to the ones he has published.

Since one must assume that Mr. Leshan trained in scientific procedure, it is surprising that he did not do a cursory review of the web to see if he is re-inventing the wheel. If he had done so, he would easily have discovered my paper, "Can Gravity be Induced"(1979), which can be found all over the web.
No attempt was ever made by Mr. Leshan to contact me, either before he wrote his paper or before he started casting aspersions upon my reputation.

My paper, "Can Gravity be induced?" was pre-web and circulated to friends and acquaintances and created an exhibition on December 17th, 1980 at Alvin's called "Solarium" in which I explained the idea and distributed the paper.  In the art world, an opening is the equivalent of publishing in the science world. I can bring forward many individuals who will attest to being at this event and having read the paper at this time, including several prominent physicists.

Being an early communications enthusiast, I also placed my paper on the appropriate forum on the old pre-web Compuserve system in 1987 or  '88.

You can also find my earliest upload to my website of "Can Gravity be Induced?" at, going back to December 20th, 1996.

Having realized a fundamental aspect of the natural universe and gradually discovering no one had thought of it, prompted me to send post date stamped copies of my correspondence about gravitational induction and a non-space sun in letters addressed to myself. These are postmarked and unopened as a precaution against plagiarists. Recalling that my late father, a scientist who had his work stolen and published by his mentor, gave me the impetus  to take this precaution. Letters such as these pertaining to the induction of gravity range in date from 1979 - 1993. You can see copies or rough drafts of the letters here, and I will be glad to see them opened in front of a registrar with two reliable witnesses for proof of content and date posted,

Until this day, I have never heard of Mr. C. Leshan or his work. Having read the papers he has placed as a "proof" of my piracy, he never once mentions the nature of high energy plasmas and there are no concrete proposals to confirm his musings. He offers no predictions on natural observations. I do both.
Frankly, I find it hard to understand how he could even find common ground in my writings, let alone accuse me of stealing his.

Finally dear reader you may ask, "Well Stephen, why haven't you published your thoughts in a scientific journal? You've talked to plenty of scientists and distributed your paper to them"
The answer is my lovelies, as Mr. Leshan points out, I am not a trained scientist and the proposal is so outrageous, so fundamentally at odds with contemporary thought, that I would never be permitted to pass peer review - unless someone the likes of Leshan comes along, of course.
However, I have corresponded with hundreds of individuals on the subject over the decades, including prominent scientists and this too I can prove.

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