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Proof of correspondence discussing "Can Gravity be induced?"
Refutation of C. Leshan claims that I pirated his "

Here is my shortlist of individuals backing up my claim that I discussed "Can Gravity be Induced?" prior to Mr. Leshan's 1994 publication.

To whom it may concern:

I hereby affirm that on 21st May 1987 I received from Stephen Goodfellow a copy of his paper entitled "The Dynamic Gravac Sun".
The covering letter indicates that Mr Goodfellow had been working on a gravity/vacuum theory for the previous eight years.

In September 1987 I received from Mr Goodfellow a revised paper entitled "Can Gravity be Induced?". These documents are still in my possession.

John Legon, BS
Surrey, UK
28th September 2009

In 1979 and '80, I spent many hours listening carefully to my friend Stephen Goodfellow explain his ideas about something he called "induced gravity."  I was an undergraduate then and had had a few years worth of biology and chemistry classes, but little physics, so I had to listen very hard to Stephen to follow his ideas.  I remember doing so with great fascination.  He was very thorough.  And when, occasionally, I challenged Stephen to clarify a claim or assertion of evidence, he listened and then returned to those topics later, demonstrating that he worked through his examination process more thoroughly.

I was one, among many, who listened to Stephen as he worked through his "Can Gravity Be Induced?" exploration.   I marveled at his diligence, curiosity, and intellectual excitement, as I still do.
As regards the date of these conversations:  There is absolutely no question that they occurred in Detroit prior to 1981 when I moved to California.

Jackie Jablonski
Port Huron, MI
Professor of English,
M.A. English Literature, San Francisco State University

To whom it may concern: 

     I have known Stephen Goodfellow for over 30 years as a friend, co-owner of real estate in Michigan, and have spent countless hours in conversation across wide-ranging areas of discussion. As long as I have known Stephen, which dates back to the late 1970’s, he has always proposed the concept of gravity induction. Although I did not really understand the significance of the phenomena, I could clearly see that Stephen felt quite strongly about his hypothesis and proposed mechanisms for how this could be accomplished. These discussions date back to at least the early 1980’s as well as I can remember.

     Stephen has had a long-time interest in theoretical physics that dates back to his childhood in England from what he has told me. Despite my lack of understanding and appreciation for most of the phenomena he discusses, it has been quite clear to me that Stephen has a very intense and sincere hunger for an understanding of the universe and the mysteries of the forces that shape it. 


Michael Kruger
Statistical Analyst and Instructor
Wayne State University School of Medicine
Dept. of OB/GYN
C.S. Mott Center
275 E. Hancock St.
Detroit, MI 48220

To whom it may concern,

It has been my good fortune to know Mr. Stephen Goodfellow since 1975, first as a house mate, then as a friend and fellow artist. Together we have participated together in numerous art exhibitions in the USA and abroad, collaborated to create the micropointillist painting technique and participated in creative efforts since then.

I have continuously known and had frequent contact with Mr. Goodfellow since first meeting him and quite possibly know him more than does any other person.

Beyond his well-established reputation as one of Detroit’s most renowned fine artists, Mr. Goodfellow is a person of many talents and interests, chief among which is astrophysics, an interest in which he developed in the mid-1970’s and the knowledge of which he has grown continuously ever since.

By 1979 Mr. Goodfellow had evolved a theory that essentially proposed that the sun does not contain a solid core but is void in its interior. [The actual concept is more far more complex than that but I describe it here as such for purposes of brevity.] This was first publicly expressed in his 1979 paper “Can Gravity Be Induced” which was widely propagated among the creative community in Detroit and other parties. The concept was also expressed in numerous paintings which he displayed in exhibitions from those years forward to the present.

Mr. Goodfellow and I have shared hundreds of conversations dating from the 1970’s to the present, many in which the ideas in “Can Gravity Be Induced” were discussed at length. As a result I can completely confirm the authenticity of Mr. Goodfellow’s assertion that he alone formulated and propagated the concepts as laid out in “Can Gravity Be Induced” beginning in 1979 and continuing to the present. If necessary I will be willing to swear this in a legal affidavit and testify as to his veracity.

Lowell Boileau

Owner and Director
AtDetroit, LLC
31505 Grand River, Suite 301 Box 14B

Farmington, MI 48336 USA


Fine Artist

To whom it may concern,

I have been a close friend and confidant of Stephen Goodfellow's for many years going back as far as the late 70's. During my years as biostatistician at Wayne State University we met often for lunch to discuss scientific and geopolitical issues in the cafes of the university district. Stephen is an astute empiricist with an uncanny ability to predict and cipher natural phenomena and events. He has long held his beliefs about the induction of gravity. I believe it was in the mid 1980s was when he first stated talking to me about his ideas of gravity induction. No question should exist about his vociferous and enthusiastic portrayal of his ideas of, 'Can Gravity be Induced', for at least the the last 25 years.

D.C. Lee
Masters in Mathematical Statistics
Research Statistician

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