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Paintings in collections
with references to the paper in the image

This painting "Inventor & Wife" Micropointillism on canvas 3 x 5ft  by Stephen Goodfellow in 1983.
This painting is part of the Joel Landy collection.
You will notice a paper lower right hand side. The writing is an abstract of "Can Gravity be Induced?" It is quite discernable. Also, note the Sun diagram with a segment of the photosphere removed showing the interior absolute vacuum.

"Artist in his Studio", Parallel Universe #3, 1990 Micropointillism on canvas 3ft x 3.5ft
Note that I have placed an "Empty Sun" in the background, a signature image of "Can Gravity be Induced?"
This painting (one of three in a tryptich) is the property of The Detroit Institute of Arts, and was purchased by the institute in 1993.

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