Refutation of C. Leshan claims that I pirated his "
idea" for
"Can Gravity be Induced"
From Thunderbolt forum moderator,
After my paper was removed by Lehan's insistence.

Re: Non-Space - predictions, proofs and implications

by davesmith_au on Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:04 am


As I have written on many occasions, the Thunderbolts Forum is NOT a publishing house. This forum is for DISCUSSION, not publication or argument over who wrote what when...

This thread was removed from the forum after initial accusations of plagiarism made by Constantin Leshan against Stephen Goodfellow, who initiated the thread.

Leshan argues on the basis that he first published on the same topic in 1994, and that he has authored papers in peer-reviewed journals on the topic, which is easily verifiable.

Goodfellow responds (both privately and elsewhere on the web) that he first wrote on the subject in 1979 and whilst this is not publically verifiable, a search for "Can Gravity be induced?" brings up instances of Goodfellow having written publically on the topic at least as early as 1987.

EDIT: Goodfellow has posted a more explicit refutation here.

It is not unusual in science to find two or more people unearthing similar ideas at around the same time, often with no knowledge of the others' work. My recommendation to both parties would be to communicate directly with each other with a view to collaboration, rather than participate in a public feud. Should a reasonable compromise not be forthcoming, then Law Courts are the appropriate place for challenges of plagiarism.

As this forum is public domain I have decided to reinstate the thread, with the proviso that further argument over authorship of the theory not take place here. It is enough that a challenge has been raised, and it is in the public interest that it remain in the public domain.

Disclaimer: The Thunderbolts Project has no interest in theories which posit unseen/unknown/unlikely scenarios such as are often raised on the lower boards of this forum, and only allows such topics to remain in an effort to allow most people to have their say without being subject to over-censorship.

Dave Smith.
Forum Administrator.


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