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[IMG]Induced gravity Pamphlet 2 1987_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 167K 
[IMG]Induced gravity Pamphlet 1987_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 97K 
[IMG]artist_in_his_studio_3.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 105K 
[IMG]can grav be ind cover 1993_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 44K 
[IMG]charles warren 2 1979_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 125K 
[IMG]charles warren 1979_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 115K 
[IMG]datestamp letter to peratt 1989_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 46K 
[IMG]empty-sun to davis_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 119K 
[IMG]empty-sun to raymond davis 1984_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 119K 
[IMG]enlarge peratt induction gravity 1989_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 33K 
[IMG]gaia solar interior.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 29K 
[IMG]gravity sun statement_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 103K 
[IMG]letter 1984_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 52K 
[IMG]letter to metrology 1981_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 143K 
[IMG]letter to peratt 1989_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 50K 
[IMG]letter to the editor 1979_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 108K 
[IMG]lettter 1981_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 54K 
[IMG]minventor1.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 73K 
[IMG]national weather service letter 1981_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 113K 
[IMG]solarium 1980_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 106K 
[IMG]weather service 1981_lr.jpg10-Jan-2011 07:28 48K 

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