To: Martin Piccoli 
Astronomy Dept. 
University of Pennsylvania 
209 South 33rd St., DRL Build. 
PA 19104
From: Stephen Goodfellow 
146 Farrand Park 
Highland Park 
MI 48203 
(313) 883 4827
Dear Martin,                                                    4/29/92

I have enclosed my letter to you of 11/01/89 and underlined the relevant paragraphs as a refresher and to save you time.
The implications of the information in the Science News article "Sunspots and Neutrinos" 4/21/90 are far reaching in that no fusion/core theory fits the new data.

How can sunspots affect neutrinos coming from the Sun's supposed core since neutrinos are not affected by the magnetic fields of sunspots?
Forget about fusion cores. If the mode of solar propagation is shifted to the exterior shell (photosphere) and the solar interior is treated as volume through which neither mass nor energy can pass, then the available data fits.
First of all, sunspots have lower temperatures and there would simply be less neutrino propagation while they were active.
Secondly, a solar interior through which nothing can propagate would explain the one-half to two-thirds of the neutrinos which are generally missing; neutrinos propagated on the envelope of the sun facing away from the observer would go unseen.
I have enclosed a copy of " Can Gravity be Induced?", and have done some underlining on the parts which pertain to this article.

Yours Sincerely,

Stephen Goodfellow.