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Pumpkin Float 2009

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This is the second Pumpkin Float down the Huron River. 2008 was more of a scouting expedition, just to see if was at all possible. It was. Having the Huron River just down the road from our new abode certainly makes it convenient. The launching point is all you could ask for, down at the Broadway bridge there's a swift current where you can execute an excellent pumpkin release. A short drive takes you to Island Park, where a bridge spans the river. An excellent location for spotting surviving pumpkins.
Anyway, much fun as had by all. Despite a brisk crosswind, out of 17 pumpkins, 1/4 made it intact and illuminated, 2/4 made it with the candles out or swamped and 1/4 were unaccounted for. Not too shabby!

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