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Interventions/Lois Teicher

LOIS TEICHER, born 1938
Wedge with Wedge, 1995

Set between two other sculptures, Teicher's piece serves as the connecting link in a visual dialogue about tension and resolution in abstract forms.

Teicher's work converses poetically with Kelly's, on the right. The subtlety of Kelly's imposing black mass supported by a slender white wedge is seen only by walking around the work. In Teicher's piece Kelly's colors and shapes are joined on one plane.

Teicher's wedge is actually an absence of mass. It appears as a white triangle because the sculpture is set against a white wall. Teicher defines the wedge as a split-a metaphor for the notion duality, of opposites forming a whole.

Seen in relation to Gitlin's work, on the left, Teicher's piece shifts the nature of the visual dialogue and suggests that superficial similarities may mask differences in content.

While Gitlin's triangular form connects visually with the other works, the shape is not juxtaposed against a mass. His work, therefore, does not suggest the resolution of opposite forces that is implied in the other two pieces.

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"Wedge with Wedge"

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