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Hull Regional College of Art 1972-74

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Yes, it's yer ol' Alma Mater!
Fresh from my Foundation Course in East Ham, I stumbled away from Hull station and spent my first night in Hull in an abandoned building. At that moment, I knew this was going to be interesting.
Yes, we used to go to Art College here in the damp wastes of North East England. Huddled in our tiny North Humberside bedsits, we made our way to the Craven steet, Anlaby Road Annex, or Morpeth Street Annex, or scurried down to the central building of Hull Regional College of Art for our history lessons. 
We made music, we made art, we argued. When the last orders were called, the most common expression to fellow artists of the opposite sex at "The Polar Bear" or "The Nags Head" would be:

"Would'ya lahk te cum back te mah place fo' e cuppa coffee?"

In 1998 there was a class reunion; Celebrating in Hull; Mary Routh, Stephen Goodfellow, Vall Lloyd, John Weston, and Derek Crouch - we got together for a wonderful evening of reminiscing, food, music and alcohol, the latter being downed in copious amounts by Mary & Derek (Does nothing ever change!?) Not that I should be throwing stones - I got pretty snockered myself.
John and Val - who hosted the event - have been married many years, have two kids and live in Hull. 
Divorced and now living with a lovely woman named Bergitte Derek Crouch has two boys and lives 'round the corner from John and Val.
Mary - after being told she'd not conceive - issued forth a daughter who's duties will eventually include keeping Mary in the style she'd like to be accustomed in her declining years.
Stephen, on his second marriage, exists in Detroit scraping a living as an artist.
And the instructors Harold Hurrell, and Michael Baldwin who tortured us with their messianic visions of art, in the form of "Art Language"- where are they? 
And other instructors - David Sweet,  Hamish Crowe and all that lot...(Please name the others if you can remember and let them know about the upcoming event).
In the ensuing discussions, the idea of a real reunion was bantered about; no actual plans were made, but it was agreed that we'd put up this page to see if there were enough old classmates out there who'd get in touch. If so, we agreed to make the effort. We're looking to see if we can have the reunion in 2000 or 2001...if anyone is left alive.
Therefore, if you are a fellow victim, or one of the those unfortunate enough to find yourselves in the years above or below us, get in touch - either by email - or if you don't have email, use the discussion group on this site to post a message.
So far, Simon Lewis who was a lecturer at Hull College of Art 1975-81 has checked in. As more and more of you get on the Net and Web, I expect to see this site grow.
If you're one of us, send a photograph of yourself and others (contemporary or historic) and let us know how to get in touch with you (or others); I'll place your image and info on this site. You can attach it to an email, send a URL or even use snail mail:

Stephen Goodfellow
146 Farrand Park
Highland Park, MI 48203, USA
Phone: 313 883 4827

Goodfellow's Gate