Magic Stick CD Release Party
January 19th, 2001

Buy the CD "Workers of the World - Relax!" - $15.00

Finally! After more than two years since the first recordings, "Workers of the World RELAX!" is finally out and introduced to the public...

Well - That went pretty good. We had ever magnificent Luddites warm up for us, and the Layabouts hit the stage around midnight. Here are - live - some of the songs we played:

  1. Don't Talk - Police Reaction

  2. And so it goes

  3. Damn this town

  4. Schoolboys

  5. Fuckalot

  6. Johnny take me home

The CD Release party was well attended - and we even sold some CD's!
Here are a few pictures - all compliments of Lowell Boileau

Lingerers after the gig...

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