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Yes, well as you know, every scumball spammer is combing these sites to get email addresses so they can make your life miserable. Consequently, all email addresses on this page have two capital letters inserted next to each other:

 Strip these out, and the address ought to work.

 As to you spammers, we'll be waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. Have a nice life.

In no particular order...
Mel Rosas
Alan Franklin
Ralph Franklin
Stephen Goodfellow - web admin
Peggy King
Janice Mae Pope
Ron Ellman
Roberto Warren
Mary Richards
Jody Carlson
Steve Hoerler  
Kerry Gluckman  
Sophia Raptis elefish (at) earthlink (dot) net
Milton Bennett  
Sylvia Inwood
Ron Kopek
Ralph Koziarski 
Bill Smitka - Deceased -
Suni Ali Rashid - Deceased -