Jim Hightower's show at the WDET recording studios, 10/23/98

Well, it was pretty rushed. Jim Hightower was on the road doing his "Chew & Chat" program and needed to do one of his radio broadcasts from Detroit. He contracted WDET to produce it for him this given show for him and Judy Adams from WDET recommended the Layabouts to perform music. Due to the short notice, WDET was unable to create an entire studio setup for the band. I guess it worked out, as the various band members could not drop what they were doing to participate.
The discussion side of the program seemed to evolve into environmental and work issues, so we decided to play "Clean up your mess", "Donna Lewis" and "Cadillac".
The event was enjoyable; we made almost - almost, almost - no major mistakes; and as usual, it was a pleasure to perform.

Alan ponders a pithy comment

Another image of Stephen's magnificent teeth

Jim Hightower, Barbara Dudley and Richard Grossman.

Alan strumming 'Fade to black'

Session over. Alan's son, Emilio in center of room

Hightower on air in three seconds

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