Layabouts - Dally in the Alley 1999

As might be expected, the Dally was a little bigger, the Layabouts were a little older (if not wiser) and their songs were a little newer - well, some of them anyway.
Thanks be to Chris Tailor for doing the sound and a 'hip, hip, hurray!' to the organizers for putting together a really great Dally this year.
Presented here - in no particular order - are photographs taken by Laurenn Rowland:

The band, the crowd...

Alan whales away on the guitar

Future band members; amongst them,
Emilio and Nick

Is that Jody Carlson....
or Nina Hagen?

Peggy King & Stephen Goodfellow

The band's a-rockin'!

Roberto Warren...
Is he waving or playing?

The soul-full voice of Sylvia Inwood
belts over the speaker system...

Stephen and Ralph Franklin compare breath odor on the same mike. Peggy is concerned, Sylvia is oblivious


Photos by Laurenn Rowland

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