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Layabouts - Dally in the Alley 9/09/2006

It pissed down all through the morning into early afternoon and remained overcast throughout the evening. Cooling temperatures, too.
Was this going to be another Dally rain-out debacle like the one we experienced earlier in the decade?
I must confess to doing some serious talking to the Great Spirit. This is one of the best Layabout configurations I've seen in some time, and I'd be damned if we were getting rained on again.
Ralph Koziarski turns out to be the perfect foil, laying down rhythms for the Layabouts, he slips that sax right in and out of the mix, just perfect, what a pro.
Mandy Wright, who I'd only met a few weeks previously turned out to be a finger-snapping conga player - man, could she bang those drums!
Emilio Leslie makes me feel young again, it's great to have him in the band, And Janice Mae Pope always is there for me when I forget the words to songs.
Nic Boileau got roped into being our media magnate, I look forward to seeing what he comes up with. He and three of his friends bopped around the crowd and stage, filming. Earlier at dinner we bumped into Nic Boileau's media instructor from Wayne State University, Joel Silvers, He got caught up in the enthusiasm of the moment.
"Err, when are you guys playing next?" he asks.
"Well Joel, the Layabouts are like a cactus flower" I sayz,
"It flowers every few years,"
"I'll get my camera", he says and disappears.
Also, Special thanks to Dean Weston, our soundman and friend of many years, he did a great job.

What a fun performance.

It's really, really great to be playing with my friends of the decades again. Without getting too soppy, you guys continue to astound me - you really are fantastic.



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