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Part 3: Washing off the unwanted Yellow

Washing down the canvas:
If your painting is small enough to fit into the sink or shower you can perform the next stage there, otherwise hose down the pictures in the garden - whichever way you can manage to wash down the surface. You will find that washing down the canvas is great fun. I recommend a spray attachment for your hose so you can focus the water. This allows you to literally blast the block away. If you have done everything right it will not affect the paint. As the water-soluble block washes off, gradations of yellow reveal themselves. You will have as many tones of yellow as you sprayed after each block. If you are working with low pressure water, sponge any residue of block off the canvas surface and make sure it is completely free of block. Be patient; those little stubborn areas of block will come out and the areas that hold paint will not come off, no matter how long it is exposed to the water. DO NOT SCRUB CANVAS! When the block is removed, allow canvas to dry. If you are in a hurry, go ahead and use a hair dryer.