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Let's Dance!
It's the Dally in the Alley! We played there September 9th, 2006
Mel waits to go on the Forest Stage, Dally in the Alley September 9th, 2006
Some pre-performance pictures - More dally pictures here

Layabouts to play on Forest Stage at the Dally in the Alley, 9:30pm

 07/05/06 - Emergence? Quiescent since 2004, here are core members of The Layabouts dining at the Star Indian Restaurant in Ferndale, toying with the idea of getting back together again to lay down rhythmic noise.

- Keeping it together can be tough - It's like being in a stormy marriage without the sex. -


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1981/2004 - It's over! - at least for a while -
Layabouts decide to go on an extended hiatus

The core group of the Layabouts - which has been together since 1981- has decided to put the beast to rest - at least for a while. It won't be the first time The Layabouts have done this.  Nor does it mean that the music dies. On the contrary, we will all continue to experiment, write songs. In an age where studio composition has come into its own, I expect that a lot of cooperative energy between previous band members will be forthcoming. Furthermore, I'm excited by seeing the venue expanded by the interactions with other creative talent in the community.
This website will follow the core group's adventures in the wilderness and attempt to record their future achievements.

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