Band Practice

March, 1998. Band Practice in Jody's basement. The death of Bill Smitka brought us together again, ostensibly for a memorial performance; the Layabouts had not played together since 1992 and I think that none of us realized how much we had forgotten and how many Alan Franklin Practicing "Rant'licks had to be painfully gone over again and again. However, all this toil seems to pale with the realization that the band has regained it's spark, and that many years of dormancy has not in any way blunted the enthusiasm for fighting the good fight; it's good to be a Layabout again.
Jody Carlson - the new addition to the band - gives us a real shot in the arm. Her free ranging keyboard sound makes us see old tunes in a new light, and Alan Franklin challenges us on a weekly basis with his powerful, newly composed songs for us to practice.
For those friends who want a sneak preview of the upcoming songs, here is a rough list:

..And here are a few pictures of the band practicing in Jody's basement:

Jody's fingers glide across the keyboard

Mell gives us the Ska rim shot

Alan hits that long leaning note...

Jody practicing "Better Way"


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