The Layabouts - RealAudio, MP3 mp3.gif (199 bytes) The Layabouts - Dally 1998

Present Layabout members: Alan Franklin, Mel Rosas, Peggy King, Roberto Warren, Sylvia Inwood, Ralph Franklin, Stephen Goodfellow, Jody Carlson
Previous Layabout members: Mary Richards, Bill Smitka, Janice Mae Pope, Steve Hoerler, Kerry Gluckman, Sofia Raptis, Suni Ali Rashid, Milton Bennett...and many, many more!

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Known performance dates:

Saturday, July 08, 2000
Chene Park, Detroit
"Concert of Colors Festival 2000"

Check out the Concert of Colors Website to see who else is playing

CD Update - Final mixing taking place early June.

Recent past:  
Pictures of the WTO Performance, Feb 13, 2000 at St. Andrews Hall
Pictures of our recent gig at the Cass Cafe 11/13/99
"Cadillac" - hot from the studio - now in MP3mp3.gif (199 bytes)
Check out the 4th Street performance, July 17th, 1999 and the Dally performance, Sept. 11th, 1999

Other Fronts:
Recording. The tapes produced at one recording studio went through a laborious, involved transfer to another tape medium. We will now be remixing and redubbing various songs.
So far  " Thin Ice", "Cadillac", "Donna Lewis" and "Monkey Doo" have been cut. These will eventually be appearing on a compilation CD." Monkey Doo" is now available as an MP3 file, and in RealAudio.
Further sound mixing on the recordings will take place July/August.